Alienvault OSSIM install on XCP-ng

Alienvault OSSIM install on XCP-ng
Photo by Ron Westerwell / Unsplash

This is a guide on how to install Alienvaut OSSIM on XCP-ng (or Xenserver).

First download the .iso for OSSIM

Then create a new VM with the type Debian 9 Stretch

Allocate a minimum of 4 vcpu and 8gb RAM

Its bestter to also use as much SSD storage as you can allocate, 500 GB +

Also 2 network cards with one preferably mapped to a physical device with connected to a Monitor port on a switch (Intel NICs usually yield the best results)

Grub will fail so to remedy we have 2 options;


  • Press Ctrl-Alt-F2 to get a console prompt
  • Press enter to activate console
  • chroot /target grub-install /dev/xvda


  • You can run the following command to link xvda to sda as this seems to be hardcoded in the grub install script
  • ln -s /dev/xvda /dev/sda

Once completed you should be able to access the Machine on https://{ip-address} then username will be whatever you chose in setup and use the password used in setup.